Union of Brunel Students COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund

A project by: Brunel University London

pledged of £15,000 target
4 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Emergency Hardship Fund. 

  • We have now had 100 applications.
  • We have made 44 awards for rent, food and laptops.
  • The Union added £4,000 to the fund from our Union Hardship Fund and the fund is almost depleted. 

Our students are still in need due to the ongoing crisis and the Fund is almost depleted. Please consider sharing this appeal with anyone who may be interested in supporting Brunel students in need!

Please read on to hear the impact of your generous donations have had on providing direct financial relief for our students in crisis.

A student awarded funds for food and rent: 

As I was struggling with my finances due to the coronavirus pandemic, by which I was directly affected, therefore my income was decreased and didn’t have enough money to pay for my rent and daily expenses. I was not able to get help from anywhere else, therefore I came across the union hardship funds and submitted an application to receive some money. It was very straight forward and a quick process and received my money within a reasonable time frame. 

A student offered hardship funding:  

I am so grateful to have received much help from the Union Fund at Brunel university. This pandemic had brought me to my lowest points and I thought that I would not find a way out of my unprecedented situation, but with the help of the Union, I have managed to pull through! I am ever so grateful that this fund is available to other students who may be in the same situation as me given the current status of the world right now. Thank you to the Union of Brunel Students for looking out for us!

A student awarded £160 for food: 

The hardship fund was useful for me as I was able to get food stuffs and water which I used for the whole month of May. Thank you to the student Union for coming through. I am grateful and I am proud to be a member of the Union. Thank you very much.

5 months, 2 weeks ago

Thank you for all your support! We have now awarded £6,990 in hardship funds to assist 29 students in need - please read on to hear the impact of your generous donations have had on providing direct financial relief for our students in crisis.

A student awarded £150 for food: 

“I would like to personally thank each and every person who has contributed to the Brunel Union Hardship fund. This grant has been very helpful especially for me for buying groceries and other basic daily needs. I understand that it is a very difficult situation for everyone due to this pandemic, in spite of which you have been very kind and generous to donate to this fund and help us, students. I would also like to thank the Union for taking the time to guide each student through this procedure. “

A student awarded £500 for rent:

“The fund really helped me financially, I really appreciate the people who made it possible for people to get this fund. Thank you to everyone who contributed to help.” 

A student awarded £150 for food: 

“Firstly, I would like to thank the Brunel Student Union for giving me hardship fund during this hard times. I was facing some financial issues and my parents were not able to fund me due to the lockdown and I was hardly surviving by the food left by my flatmates. Finally I got the hardship fund and then I was able to purchase food for more than a month. The initiative taken by Union of Brunel Students’ to start this fund is a great step towards helping students in these times and I would also like to thank people for their support in the Emergency Hardship Fund.”

A student awarded £500 for rent:

"When I moved to continue my studies in London, I was expecting that I need to be very careful and cautious with everything I spend. However, I was not expecting to find myself in a place where I do not have a job and money to pay my rent or even to be worried about what I will eat in the next week. After I moved closer to university, I quit my job because it was too far away, but shortly everything closed due to COVID. I applied to plenty of jobs during quarantine, but without any success. I was relieved and deeply grateful for the help I received. Hope that in one day I will be in a position in which I can help! Thank you for everything!"


6 months ago

"The Union of Brunel Students’ would like to thank every one of you for your kind and invaluable contributions to the Union of Brunel Students Covid-19 Emergency Hardship Fund.

The support has been overwhelming and we are so grateful for every donation that has been made so far.

We are happy to announce that from this week applications are open, meaning we are able to support our most vulnerable and in need students from now. We have received numerous applications and have made 10 awards totalling £2450 for rent, computer equipment, and food for students who have lost their jobs due to the outbreak.

This Fund will be a lifeline for many Brunel Students’ so once again, thank you!"

-- George, Vice President for Student Activities, Union of Brunel Students