Union of Brunel Students COVID-19 Emergency Hardship Fund

A project by: Brunel University London


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This project received pledges on Fri 01 May 2020

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Good luck hope it helps

I graduated decades ago, but I'm happy to give something back to support the next generation of students who need it most.

Virus is not scary , it can only enter your body through your nose, mouth or eyes. Protect these three places absolutely and you will never get infested by COVID-19. How to protect absolutely is your own doing, such as touching door handles and rub your nose is not, to eat snacks without sanitise your hands is not, facing the breeze without glasses in the Tube is not. Wear a mask going out at all times is a must.

I didn’t need to use a hardship fund but there were times I struggled. This will really help those in need.

I wish this venture every success. I'm retired from Brunel, so can't afford much. Wish I could give much more.

Super work by Union of Brunel Students an important fund to assist students. Keep Up the good work. Best Wishes Catherina Emery

I hope this donation will come in useful and help a student who is struggling financially to stay at Brunel to finish their degree. I have just finished my undergraduate degree at Brunel and just wanted to give something back to the Brunel community.

I hope you guys reach your target. Stay safe.

As far as I'm concerned you can simply have the donation! Never mind whether the fund reaches it's minimum!

I would have liked to pay via Paypal and the T&C's have sections about Paypal payments but the actual donation page did not seem to offer any route to use this payment mechanism?

A small help from a past Brunel student. All the best for the students going through this tough time. Just hang in there, you will get through this difficult situation. Best wishes from, G Yogarajah (Yoga) Melbourne, Australia

Wish everyone well and to come out of this hardship asap.

I hope the students at Brunel can benefit from this donation and all their friends and families stay safe. Study hard and build a brighter future.

This is the hardest time to be at university. It should be the best of times, as it was for most of us. Keep your heads up and know that things will get better.

Still have a job! Make hay while sun shines

We all are going through difficult times, but hopefully lockdown will be lifted and things will normalise. Stay home, Stay safe 🙏

I'm lucky enough to still have an income. I hope this can help someone who is less fortunate.

I'm also lucky enough to still have an income. I hope this can help someone who is less fortunate.